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Scentsy Business Card Design 1 I absolutely LOVE my new business cards!! They totally make my small business legitimate and got me very excited to distribute them! I am a creative person and would have loved to create my own design, but I was in a hurry, had a million other things on my to do list, and needed something that wouldn't dent my budget (unlike other companies). When Read more about review stating Scentsy Business Card Design 1 I saw that TankPrints had Scentsy designs already made to choose from, I was so relieved. I chose design 1 in glossy. I am very pleased with how it turned out. I think the only part I don't "absolutely love" is that my name is in all caps on the card. It isn't terrible, it's fine, I just probably would have changed it if I was given the opportunity. Other than that, these business cards rock! I'm super proud to flash them around town! ;)

Love! I really love my new business cards! I looked everywhere online at hundreds of designs, but these were definitely my favorite!